• "The Tongue of the Army"
  • Musicians told the army when to get up (Reveille), meal times, camp calls/duties, and lights out (TAPS)
  • On the battlefield, musicians were close to the officers so that they could sound out commands like advance, retreat, left, and right.
  • In our world of texting, calling, and social networking, I want others to realize that back then, this is where it all started and is all that they had to use.



  • Almost 1/5 of the Union Army was under the age of 18. Historians estimate the same number possibly higher for the Confederate Army.
  • The Civil War is often referred to as the "Boys War" 
  • Motivate citizens to focus on Unity
  • Educate

Purpose of my project 

  • Honor the role of Musicians from the Civil War
  • Honor the role of young people in the war
  • Celebrate that Music Unites All
  • Give our generation inspiration that will lead America into greater heights and get us back on track
  • Show others that you don’t have to wait until you’re 18 to make a difference and do something good for your country
  • Motivate people to become involved in their community.
  • Inspire the new generation of Americans on the role of History
  • Educate people of how armies communicated before telecommunications was invented.



  • A lot of music played during the Civil War are still favorites in our society.
  • TAPS was a song written in 1862 by Union officer Dan Butterfield as lights out. The song went on to being used by both sides and is played at every military funeral in the United States.
  • Dixie is still a popular Anthem of the South.
  • Other tunes like Battle Hymn of the Republic and Yankee Doodle are still being played as they were 150 years ago.